Tribunalism – The Case for Art_Announcement_Kunstraum Lüneburg

Reading in Ruins_Announcement_Klosterruine Berlin

1st Meseberg International for Contemporary Art_Announcement_Gransee

Text: The Feminist’s House_Texte zur Kunst_#120 December 2020 + Audio

pdf: Mirjam Thomann_Scarecrow_Uferhallen Berlin 2020

Times in Crisis_Announcement_Klosterruine Berlin

Imprint of Void_Announcement_Lovaas Munich

Meeting with the other as such, but still_Announcement_Bärenzwinger Berlin

pdf: Mirjam Thomann_Tenibac_Nagel Draxler 2018

Tenibac_Announcement_Galerie Nagel Draxler Berlin

Milieu_Announcement_Krobath Vienna

Milieu_Announcement_after the butcher Berlin

Talk_Announcement_HGB Leipzig

Wiener Raum_Announcement_Angewandte Vienna

Thick Space_Announcement_RUB Bochum

Text: Chapter 3: Women and Space_Texte zur Kunst_#108 December 2017

pdf: 2017, … Mirjam Thomann

pdf: 2015, … Mirjam Thomann

Text: Please Pass the Salt. On Four Dimensions of Mirjam Thomann’s Art by Tom Holert